Jonathan Ostwald, John Weatherley, and Tamara Sumner during a design sprint

The partnership now known as Inquiry Hub includes key personnel from three institutions: Denver Public Schools, the University of Colorado Boulder, and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. The partnership began in 2008 with two concurrent projects involving middle school science that combined in 2012 to address curriculum and instruction in high school math and science.

Denver Public Schools

DPS logo

Denver Public Schools (DPS) is Colorado's largest school district. Inquiry Hub partners from DPS are leaders in mathematics and science areas of DPS's Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Math and science teachers from DPS also serve as partners in the co-design process.

  • Douglas Watkins, Secondary Science Coordinator
  • Susan Olzene, Director of Science, Social Studies, and World Languages
  • Cathy Martin, Executive Director, Curriculum and Instruction
  • University of Colorado Boulder

    CU-Boulder logo

    Inquiry Hub partners come from both CU-Boulder's School of Education and Institute of Cognitive Science.

    • Tamara Sumner, Inquiry Hub Principal Investigator, Cognitive Science and Computer Science
    • Bill Penuel, Inquiry Hub Co-Principal Investigator, Learning Sciences
    • Katie Van Horne, Research Associate, School of Education
    • Jennifer Jacobs, Research Associate, Institute of Cognitive Science
    • David Quigley, PhD Candidate, Computer Science
    • Holly Devaul, Data Wrangler

    University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

    UCAR Community Programs logo

    UCAR is a consortium of over 100 universities focused on atmospheric and Earth system sciences. The Digital Learning Sciences group in UCAR's Center for Science Education creates and supports tools for educators to manage digital content.

    • Jonathan Ostwald, Software Engineer